Happy New Year! | Hello 2019

Hi Everyone,

I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Years in Hawaii is honestly the best! It’s been a tradition in my family since I was born to pop fireworks, drink, eat, and just ring in the new year having fun. In fact, that’s what basically everyone here in the island does! If you ever get the chance to come to Hawaii to celebrate the New Year, definitely do so.

For a sneak peek of exactly how amazing New Years is in Hawaii, check out this drone footage (not my video):


You can also check out my Instagram stories (its_asharie) to see what fireworks my family and I lit. I hope you all had an amazing New Years celebration and I wish you all the best in 2019💕

What did you do to ring in the New Year? How do people celebrate where you live?


What’s In Store for 2019? | 2019 Goals

What I’m focusing on in the new year.

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has gotten off to a good start. Now I don’t know about you, but 2018 felt like a blur. I think this was the quickest a year has gone by in my life! Looking back at 2018 I’d say it was a pretty successful year overall. In 2018 my husband and I celebrated 7 years of being together, 1 Year married (yes, we got married on our anniversary so it’s easier for us to remember the date, haha). We also paid off a huge chunk of our debt (e.g. student loans, cars, credit cards..) this year! Which I would say is our biggest accomplishment thus far as we continue our journey of living a debt free life. Side note: if you haven’t looked into Dave Ramsey yet, I highly recommend it – he is literally changing our lives! Oh, and I also made 3 years at the current company I work for!

Aside from the good things that happened this year, there have been some downs. One in particular was pretty rough, but maybe I’ll go into that sometime in the future.

For 2019 I have set a few goals/things I want to focus on:


To get a head start on this goal, I’ve already ordered my passion planner and am hoping it arrives before January 1st. I’m definitely a visual person and writing things down and actually seeing it really helps me. I’ve been writing things on post it’s and sticking it to my phone or just using my iPhone calendar, but those methods haven’t been 100% successful for me, lol. I set this goal to help me manage my time better and set deadlines of when I want things accomplished so I stop procrastinating.


Yep – that’s right between my husband and I, we have ONE credit card left that needs to be paid off. And this goal should be checked off no later than June 2019. Truly excited for this one for sure!


As I’ve gotten older my skin has changed drastically and I want to find a regimen that caters to my age and concerns. Sun screen is something I’ve only started to do this year, which I know I should have started a lot sooner, but better late then never right?


Luckily, the job I have doesn’t require me to dress up like previous jobs I’ve had. Our department is literally allowed to wear jeans everyday. But, I think I’ve gotten too used to “dressing casual” and I really want to amp up my work attire. My goal is to look put together but still feel comfortable oh and also doing this on a budget. You don’t have to buy pricey things to look expensive.


For Christmas this year, I received these 2 amazing devices as gifts and I am so excited to use them. My husband and I are very busy throughout the work week and coming home and cooking dinner is just another dreaded task for me. I’m so so so excited for the instant pot because I keep hearing about how meals can be cooked within 30 minutes! And that sounds life changing!

6. LOSE 10 LBS

This is self explanatory. I kind of let myself go a littler after our wedding in 2017 and instead of complaining about my weight, I need to actually start doing something about it.

Well, those are the things I will focus on in the new year. And I’m hoping that sharing it on the blog will help hold myself accountable and not give up.

What was the best thing that happened to you in 2018? Have you set for yourself in 2019?

A Very Merry Christmas! | Christmas 2018

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Every year my family and I get together to celebrate this special time. We exchange secret Santa gifts, play games, eat A LOT of food, but most importantly, we spend time together and just “talk story” (Hawaii term for chit chatting), catching up etc).

This perfect shot took a while to do lol
Missing a few people, but this is La Familia (just my dads side)
My immediate family

My other half ❤

We always look forward to family parties. But, there was a time when Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas. December 25th is actually the anniversary of my Grandpa’s death. My grandpa passed away on December 25, 2010 and it was a hard hit on our family. He was the first CLOSEST relative that we lost. He was the rock of our family and it rocked our foundation when we lost him. 

With time and God, our hearts started to heal and we tried our very best to carry on the family tradition of get-together’s and parties each year.

Christmas 2018 definitely felt “normal” again. Forever missing Grandpa, but always cherishing time with family. 

What did you guys do for Christmas? Do you and your family have traditions you do every year?

REVIEW: Bruno Mars Homecoming 2018

Happy Saturday beautiful people!

This past weekend was super exciting, well to me it was anyway. On Sunday we, just like everyone else on this island went to Bruno Mars’ Homecoming Concert A.K.A. his XXIVK Magic Tour. His concerts were called his “Homecoming” here because if you didn’t know, Bruno Mars was born and raised on O’ahu. The concerts were held at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI which I wasn’t too thrilled with because:

1.) It’s not a covered facility and

2.) the parking lot is known to be the worst to get out of.

But, thank God there was a few passing showers and no rain but the time the show started. Also, the parking lot situation didn’t bother us one bit because we got dropped off and picked up. I did hear from people that drove to the concert that it took about an hour just to leave the parking lot. And a crazy as that sounds, people had to have expected that. I mean, have you seen our day to day traffic on our roads? But, that a whole separate discussion to have.

OK now back to the concert – We weren’t sitting too close to the stage, but the great thing about Bruno Mars is that he’s such a great performer than no matter where you’re sitting, the show is still amazing! He did a mixture of songs from his new album as well as his older hits like Just The Way You Are and If I was Your Man. And the aerials in his performances were on point! From start to finish, the concert was so entertaining.

He did 3 different shows throughout the weekend, but I heard the 3rd show (the show I attended) was the best because he shared heartfelt words and stories with us that he didn’t share in the previous 2 shows. But, that’s just what I heard, lol.

Sorry, I don’t have any pics of Bruno himself because like I said, we weren’t sitting TOO close to the stage, haha! Nonetheless it was a great concert that made the $10 cup of beers and battling through the 38,000 people crowd worth it.

Concert rating: 10/10

Have any of you been to a Bruno Mars concert? And if you did, how did you like it?

INTRODUCTION: First Things First

Hi, hello, and welcome to my very FIRST blog post ever! Let me start off by introducing myself — My government issued name is Ashley Marie lol (hence the mashup “AshArie“) and I was born and raised on Oahu, HI.

I have a lot of interests – from trying out new places to eat, to watching the latest “NetFlix Originals”, indulging in the Beauty World, and singing along to my favorite jams in the car (I’m kidding, kind of). Since I’m naturally all over the place and my interests tend to fluctuate often, I have a feeling this blog will be a little bit of everything.

After what seems like years of contemplation, I finally decided to rip the band-aid off and start a blog. I don’t know about you, but i think about a lot of things throughout the day, sometimes even out loud, ha ha! And having a place to express everything I’m thinking/feeling is just so ideal. My full-time job involves a lot of numbers and finance, so it can get very stressful to say the least. So this “outlet” to escape the stress of the week is long overdue.

Join me on this new venture of essentially “virtual diary-ing”.